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What mum really wants for Mother's Day

What mum really wants for Mother's Day

Mum and Daughter

So this will be my 3rd Mother's Day. A special day where I get praised for being the wonderful mother that I am. As my mum lives in the UK her special day is earlier in the year. So no sharing here, one whole day all for me! Although I would love to be spending the day with my amazing mum who has taught me how to love my kids more that I thought possible and who is the most amazing grandma even from the other side of the world.

In the last couple of weeks, I have been plagued by email advertising and shop displays telling everyone what the perfect Mother's Day gift is! Let me tell you a little secret, despite what all the advertising tells you, I do not want new Pyjamas. Since having my little bundles of joy, sleep is not something I get too much of! And days spent in my Pyjamas are not because I'm snuggling up watching movies and eating popcorn, gone are the days spent in bed nursing a hangover from a big night out! No, PJ days are now because I have no energy left to shower, and the thought of finding a clean outfit in the never ending laundry pile is too much for me.

Coffee cups saying best mum ever, thanks for the kind sentiment darling but I don't need another coffee cup, not unless it's insulated to keep my coffee hot so when I eventually get around to drinking it, it might be a little warm.

Slippers, nope! Slip hazard when I'm running after my toddler.

Life before kids

Before being a mum I was an adventurer, I went diving with sharks, sipped cocktails on exotic beaches, ate overpriced meals in the best restaurants, and questionable street food in random locations.

Although I'm still that person, activities are few and far between while we try and survive these first few years. The little ones have made great travelling buddies but we are a little way off being able to leave them on the boat while we spend our time underwater. We are more about Disneyland these days!

Call me selfish but for Mother’s Day, I want a little bit of me back. A little reminder that although I love being your mum more than anything else in the world, I'm still me.

What are you hoping for this Mother's Day? 

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