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A Different Kind of Adventure

A Different Kind of Adventure

I thought about starting this blog a year and a half ago. A good friend of mine who writes a blog invited me on a weekend away to this amazing hotel she was reviewing. You can check out her blog post here!

A weekend in Byron Bay, 5-star accommodation and kid free, as you can imagine it took a lot of convincing for me to go! After a weekend of chatting business, I was totally inspired to share my stories and experiences with other plus size people and hope to inspire them to try new things and not be limited by their size.

Plus Size Adventures in Byron Bay

After a few months of trying to get my head around this idea, the whole new world of blogging and social media, thinking of what adventures I would like to write about, I was ready to get started. Then came the news that we would be welcoming a new member to the family. Such amazing news, but pregnancy meant the scuba diving, horse riding and generally all extreme sports were put on hold for the next, well 9 months!

Well I’m pleased to say that little person has made her grand entrance and we are starting to get back too normal, not that I’m sure what normal is anymore. Still recovering from a C-section and being told by physio and doctors that I’m not quite ready for some activities, I hope to bring you a new plus adventure each month in the near future.

My goal in these blog posts is to share my tips and tricks to make adventure sports such as scuba diving, snowboarding and kayaking easier for you. I will include where to get the right clothes and equipment to fit and techniques that might make it easier for someone with a few extra curves.

I have set myself the 2017 Monthly Challenge, I’m planning on trying a new activity each month. I would love you to join me and share your experiences. This can be anything from sky diving to going for a massage. Just something that is a little out of your comfort zone that you have never tried before but always wanted to.

I would love you to get involved and share your ideas on the plus size adventures you would like me to try out and write about. 

         Many thanks to Jess from Gerty Photography for our beautiful newborn photos.

My Plus Size Snowboarding Adventure

My Plus Size Snowboarding Adventure